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Life is like riding a bicycle, you must keep moving to keep your balance, yes, this amazing quote is from Sir Albert Einstein and today we will try to know some life secrets of Sir Albert Einstein, the great scientist of the 20th century.
It is on March 14, 1879, when Albert Einstein was born in a German Jewish family. His father’s name was Hermann Einstein and mother Pauline Einstein. By profession, Hermann Einstein was a salesman and engineer who supplied electrical equipment.

Albert’s childhood

It is said that in childhood, Albert’s head was much larger than that of common children, and for 4 years of birth, he could not speak anything, due to which his parents were very worried, but one day while having breakfast, he drank the soup kept on the table. His parents were stunned to see such a miracle when he suddenly said that “the soup is very hot”.

His primary education started in a school in Munich city of Germany. In the beginning of student life, no specialty was seen in him. Rather, his teachers used to think that this boy is of very thick understanding. He will not be able to do anything in life.

When Albert turned five, on his birthday, his father Hermann Einstein brought him a compass. Albert Einstein was very happy to see the magnetic compass, but a question arose in his mind that why the needle of this compass always points towards the north. This awakened an inquisitive man inside Albert Einstein.

Children used to tease Albert Einstein for being Jewish. There was also a reason that he did not like going to school at all, but he was mesmerized by the laws of nature, the pain of wonder, the direction of the compass needle, etc.

His Uncle Jakob Einstein has been a major contributor to Albert becoming Albert Einstein because when Albert was having trouble understanding Algebra, his Uncle Jakob explained him in a very simple way.

Albert Einstein’s education

At the age of 14, Einstein surprised everyone by introducing his extraordinary mathematical talent. The subject most children run away from while studying in school is mathematics and especially geometry in mathematics.

He completely mastered analytical geometry and differential and integral calculus, in relation to these subjects he started asking such questions to his teachers that he could not answer them in any way.

At the age of 16, he took the entrance examination of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic, Zurich, later known as ETH. He failed in all other subjects except Physics and Mathematics. And finally on the advice of the Principal of the Polytechnic he went to the Argovian Cantonal School, Aaru, Switzerland. He completed his higher secondary education from there in 1895-96.

In the year 1900, Albert Einstein passed his graduation examination from the Federal Institute of Technology and later he received the doctorate degree.

Albert Einstein’s wedding

Einstein married Milevamaric on 6 January 1903. Marić was a Serbian physics student. Einstein and Maric met while attending school in Zurich.
Einstein and Maric gave birth to three children.

They had a daughter, Lieserl, and two sons, Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard Einstein. Einstein and Maric’s story and marriage ended in divorce in 1919 and then Einstein married Elsa in his second marriage on June 2, 1919.

Einstein’s career as a scientist

After completing his graduation, he had to face many challenges. In 1902, Einstein got a job as a clerk in the Swiss Patent Office with someone’s reference.
While working in the Government Patent Office, he started researching in relation to the theory of relativity, his first research paper on this subject was published in 1905 under the name Special Matvad i.e. Special Theory.

Within a few years he became a professor at the Federal Institute of Technology, in 1913 renowned scientists Max Planck and Walther Nernst came to Zurich and encouraged Einstein for a lucrative research professorship at the University of Berlin in Germany, and he taught the Prussian Institute of Science Also offered full membership of the Academy, Einstein accepted the opportunity when he moved to Berlin.

Inventions of Albert Einstein

  • As a physicist, Einstein made many discoveries.
  • quantum theory of light
  • E=MC²
  • Theory of Relativity –
  • photoelectric effect
  • Einstein’s theory and the atomic bomb
  • Quantum physics and time travel
  • Einstein’s refrigerator
  • etc.
  • Albert Einstein Nobel Prize Award
  • 1921 was the year the world was about to witness the power and wonder of being curious. In 1921, Einstein was awarded the highest award, the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Death of Albert Einstein

Einstein died of internal bleeding in his abdomen on April 18, 1955, at the University Medical Center in Princeton.
In his last time, Einstein refused to undergo surgery on his stomach, he said – artificially prolonging life is tasteless. I’ve lived my part, it’s time to go. I will go with pride now.

After Einstein’s death, Dr. Thomas Harvey removed Albert Einstein’s brain for research.
But due to not getting permission, Albert Einstein’s brain was kept in a jar for 20 years, but after getting permission from Albert Einstein’s son Hans Einstein, he cut 256 pieces of brain and sent it to big researchers.
Some research says that the amount of Gliale Cell in his brain was probably high. They also had a slightly larger left hippocampus, which plays a major role in memory and learning. And in this area there were more neurons than in the normal brain.

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