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Sir Galileo Galilei was a name who for the first time made the world aware of the secrets of space by inventing the telescope or making several changes in it, a teacher who had to live life imprisonment for giving true education or Sir Albert Einstein who was given the title of “the father of modern science”

Early life of Galileo Galilei

Galileo was born on February 15, 1564, in a poor family in the famous city of Pisa, Italy. His father Vincenzo Galilei was a well-known music expert of that time, Galileo was the eldest of 6 children of his parents

Education of Galileo Galilei

When Galileo was 10 years old, his family moved from Pisa to the city of Florence where he began his education. When he turned 18, he enrolled in the city’s main university to study medicine. Galileo’s father wanted him to become a doctor and earn a lot of money but he was not interested in this field. Galileo understood mathematics and philosophy more.

Due to lack of interest in the study of medicine, he had to rebel against his father and after a lot of struggle, his father had to agree to leave the study of medicine midway and started studying philosophy and mathematics again. But due to the poor economic condition of the house, Galilei was forced to leave his studies in the middle in the year 1585.

Career of Galileo Galilei

After leaving college incomplete, Galileo had to earn money for his living. Therefore, now Galileo started giving private tuition of Mathematics, then a few days later his father died in 1591 AD. During that time, Galileo was the eldest and the responsibility of the whole family fell on his shoulders.

In the midst of dire financial straits, Galileo had to face a lot of difficulty in raising the dowry amount for his sisters’ marriage, dowry was going on in Italy at that time. He opened a shop for mathematical instruments, which also benefited him financially.

Despite family responsibilities, Galileo continued with his studies and teaching, soon joining the University of Padua as Professor of Mathematics to supplement his income. Here his salary was also 3-4 times more than Pisa. Galileo was very happy in Padua. Time passed.

Inventions of Galileo Galilei

A time also came when due to the marriage of sisters, the burden of debt on Galileo’s head started increasing and it was not possible to repay the debt with Galileo’s earnings, now there was only one way left in front of Galileo’s eyes that the invention of something new. Let’s do .

Galileo knew that if he invented a new invention with a single solution, he could make a lot of money from it. After increasing difficulties, Galileo invented a thermometer, but regret that no one was buying it, but despite this, he did not give up, and in no time, Galileo invented a modified version of the military compass.

With the help of which the army could hit the right target. This invention was somewhat successful and Galileo also got some benefit from it. But this was not going to work, then one day Galileo came to know a news that an optician had made a wonderful invention which everyone was calling Spyglass. From which even distant objects can be seen easily.

Then what was a hint to the wise, it is enough, Galileo made a 10 power telescope on the basis of his mathematics and his refraction theory within a short time and after doing all the modifications, presented it in front of the people and this idea became such a hit. That someone bought this invention for a very high amount, after the invention of the telescope, his name was making rounds everywhere.

A large number of students were also joining the University of Padua in his name. He propounded the formula of oscillation, day by day Galileo was climbing the ladder of progress and as time passed, Galileo was making his telescope even more modern.

And every day some or the other discovery of space was surprising people. Galileo looked at the moon and saw bumpy pits on it. Apart from this, he looked at many planets, Galileo also tried to measure the speed of light.

Galileo, the scientist started experiments on Copernicus’s law and then started supporting it after proving it right. Copernicus was the first to tell that the earth is round and all the planets including the earth revolve around the sun.

This discovery of Copernicus was fiercely opposed by the Christians, according to whose Catholic scriptures, all the bodies of the universe including the Sun revolve around the Earth. But Galileo proved it again and told that all the planets of the universe revolve around the Sun.

Galileo passed away

Galileo began to openly support Copernicus’ theory. This thing went against the then scientific and religious beliefs. When the Catholic Church came to know about Galileo’s work, he considered it an injury to the faith of Christianity and sentenced Galileo to life imprisonment.

But later he was put under house arrest. Galileo continued to write despite being placed under house arrest, but in his last few years he lost his eyesight. He died on 8 January 1642 AD.

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