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In today’s time, calculator is useful to everyone, whether it is a student or a big businessman or a shopkeeper, everyone needs a calculator to get the details of their calculations, because it saves our time as well as it is correct. Shows results we can trust.

What is a calculator?

A calculator is a small portable electronic device that is used to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or perform any other arithmetic operation on numbers. With the help of calculator, you can do big calculations in a few seconds. The word calculator is derived from a Latin word calculare. It means counting with the use of stone, that is, in the word, counting with the use of stone was called calculare. Hindi meaning of calculator is calculator.

History of calculator

Pointed bones or fingers and toes were used to calculate earlier, so abacus was invented about 2700 years ago to calculate numbers, which was in a way the first calculating machine of its time. Made to calculate Hindi and Arabic numbers.

The abacus was a table of tall columns with beads or stones marking a single unit, which could be used for addition or subtraction.

For your information, let us tell you that the machine used to calculate at that time had only numbers from 1 to 9, in which people used to calculate large by reducing the frame.

Although the people of that time used to do big calculations with this device because it took a little more time to calculate.

How was the calculator invented?

The calculator that was used in the middle of the 17th century i.e. around 1642, we call the mechanical calculator, which was invented by Wilhelm Sicard, who was named Blaise Pascal. Yes, this is the same Blaise Pascal who played an important role in the invention of the clock.

development of electronic calculator
As humans evolved, so did many changes in calculators to perform calculations over time. At the same time, in the 19th century, when there was a revolution in the industrial world, and there was rapid development, then there were many changes in the calculator in view of the need of the people.
In America, James L. Dalton discovered the Dalton Adding Machine and then developed the Curta Calculator in the year 1948, which was very expensive, but with its help, the calculation of large numbers and data was easily possible.
After this, small size electronic calculators were invented in the year 1960s. Then in the year 1970, a Japanese company and Intel jointly created the calculator of the modern era, which can easily do difficult calculations and its special thing is that humans can keep it in their pocket and carry it anywhere. Can be carried, which are still used today.

World’s first modern calculator

If we talk about the world’s first model calculator, then the stepped reckoner was in a way the world’s first modern calculator, which was invented by Gottfried von Leibniz. With the help of this calculator, arithmetic operations like multiplication and division became very easy.

Arithmometer was the world’s first successful mechanical calculator which was invented in 1820 by a scientist named Thomasde.

In the year 1887, after updating the mechanical calculator a bit, the keyboard was added to it and this type of calculator was made like the Pascal Calculus machine. It was also there and facility like printing was also available in it.

The world’s first programmable calculator was a programmable device.

Let’s talk about today’s calculator, which works at a very high speed, it was invented in the year 1893 by Leon Boli, who invented the device called Millenaire Device, its most important thing was that it could calculate any numbers. Used to do it in minutes.

In the same way, new people kept coming for years and technology kept progressing and in this way calculators kept getting updated slowly and today we can see in what form we have calculators today.

Types of Calculators

  1. Basic Calculators
  2. Scientific Calculators
  3. Printing Calculators
  4. Online Calculators
  5. Graphical Calculators


  • A computer is an updated version of a calculator
  • computer was invented on the basis of the calculator itself
  • The world’s first digital calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal in the year 1642 AD.
  • Casio Computer Company first launched the commercialized electronic calculator in the year 1957 AD, whose beautiful design and their size attracted people.
  • Abacus was the only device with the help of which human civilization made the first start of calculating machine.
  • The name of the world’s most puzzle calculator machine is Pascaline, which was made in 1644 by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, in fact, Pascaline is also called the Arithmetic Machine.

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