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In today’s time, if we want to go anywhere, we can easily come by cycle, motor, car, bus, train, ship etc. But just think that when all these things were not invented then How would people go from one place to another, in those times when humans were called primitive humans, at that time these facilities were not there, then whenever humans had to go somewhere, they used to go on foot or by horse cart and if Somewhere in the middle of the way, if a long river or pond came, then they used to cross the river with the help of any kind of wood, in which there were big risks like drowning, falling, but as the time passed, the mind of humans also increased and then a The time came when man started making new discoveries and started considering problems like crossing big rivers, ponds.

Invention of the boat

Initially, to cross the rivers, people cut large wooden twigs and joined them, then made them floating in water, after that, by laying thick leaves on it, they made them capable of carrying goods, which they named the boat, after which the wood was given a ply shape. Made it lighter so that it can flow faster in the water. Then someone made a boat shaped like a canoe and started using it, but the drawback was that it used to go where the water flowed, then someone tied a long cloth on the front side of it and tied it with some wooden pallos. Started using it to cut the edge of the water, in this way people started working from the boat and their work also became easier, then its name was changed from boat to boat (water ship).

Boat History

Joseph Louis, a resident of France, built a small boat made of very strong wood and concrete, which was very successful, after that big wooden ships were made, but it took a lot of force to run those big ships and the river It used to take a long time to cross, then came the era of technology, so different types of development started in the boats. In 1787, johan fitch, a resident of America, built a steam engine-powered boat whose length was 45 feet and this boat was named johan fitch and His designing assistance was carried out by Saligan Pagano together in the Delaware River, which was very successful, after which people successfully started making large boats by installing stream engines. A person who lived in France, Denis Papin, built a steam-powered ship in 1802. Symington built a commercial water vessel named Charlotte Dudas, due to which trade started with ships.
In the year 1832, the largest ship was built, which was about 125 feet long and 100 wide, a 2500 horse power diesel engine powered ship, on which the country started exporting imports from abroad, after that the technology kept increasing day by day on top of the ships. Houses and hotels also started to be built

Ship Made of Iron and Steel

In 1845, a British-based engineer named Isambard Brunel made a 500-room water ship with the help of wood, iron, and steel called Great Britain’s screw propeller, which weighed 30 thousand tons and had a total length of about 620 feet. On the sides, the width was 92 feet by the height 40 feet. Whose speed was about 25 to 30 kilometers per hour, which was the first ship to cross the ocean

World’s Largest Ship

On March 31, 1909, Thomas Andrews laid the foundation to build the world’s largest water ship. It was different from the world’s food ships at that time, which was named Titanic, which took 26 months of hard work and hard work with the help of 3000 people. After the ship was built on May 31, 1911, during the making of the ship, more than 250 people were injured and 2 people also died. The height of the Titanic ship was about 17 storeys, whose length: 852.5 feet, width: 92.5 feet , Depth: 59.6 feet and weight was 52000 tons. This ship had the capacity to carry up to 3500 people at a time. In this ship, gym, mall, restaurant, and play ground, along with all the necessary things were available. Passenger rooms had electricity as well as TV facilities for entertainment. To run this ship, 600 to 800 tons of coal was required daily. In the team of 860 crew members, the work of 170 people was only to put coal in the furnace.

The Maiden Voyage of the Titanic ship became the last voyage

The Titanic ship, which left Southampton, England for New York City on April 10, 1912, with about 2240 passengers on its maiden voyage, collided with an iceberg at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912, after a four-day voyage. And water started filling in its lower part, due to the collision of the ship with the Iceberg, an atmosphere of fear was created inside the ship, but at the time of crisis, some sensible people came forward and comforted them and said that
There is no need to be afraid, we have to work with courage. Then the children and women started being brought down safely from the lifeboats on the ship. About 2 hours and 40 minutes after hitting the Iceberg, the Titanic ship completely sank into the sea and according to the survey, there were 3545 people in the ship including almost all staffs and passengers. There were a total of 20 lifeboats in the ship, so that only 2% of the people could be saved.
If there were more lifeboats, many people could have been saved.

Interesting Facts

  • In today’s time, the world’s largest ship is ‘Symphony of the Seas’. It is much bigger than the football field. Its weight is about two lakh 30 thousand tons.
  • India’s first water vessel was welcomed by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • The name of the ship is derived from the Hindi word Tarang
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