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In today’s time, man has progressed so much in the field of science that he is thinking of starting life outside the earth, that is, on other planets as well, although many such inventions have been done by humans, due to which the life of humans is better than before. It has become quite easy, but one of those inventions is Artificial Intelligence, this word is easily heard everywhere in today’s time, let’s start

What is AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an intellectual ability which is developed in an artificial way. The full name of AI is Artificial Intelligence. In simple language, Artificial Intelligence is a machine system that has the power to think and understand just like humans. And it does all the work automatically just like humans.

Some people also call it Robot Technology. This technology is specially used in computers. Artificial Intelligence is also called man-made brain in Hindi. Take Google Map as an example, Google Map automatically navigates you to your destination. Some Digital Virtual Assistants are also good examples of AI like Google’s Hey Google, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s SIRI, Tesla Self-driving cars etc.

Invention of Artificial Intelligence

The invention of artificial intelligence was thought of by a computer scientist named John McCarthy, living in America in the year 1950. John McCarthy along with Marvin Minsky, Herbert Simon and Allen Newell founded artificial intelligence research and in the year 1956 artificial intelligence i.e. AI The term was mentioned during a workshop organized by John McCarthy at Dartmouth College, at the same time some necessary discussions and talks were held to improve it. Only after that experiments on artificial intelligence started and till now some changes are being made in it and efforts are being made to make it even better.

In today’s time, due to improvement in advanced algorithms, computing power, storage, many changes have come in Artificial Intelligence and it has become much better than earlier, in order to make it even better, statistical methods, computational intelligence and traditional also includes intelligence

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are mainly four types of Artificial Intelligence


REACTIVE MACHINES is the basic type of AI, its machines do only one type of work repeatedly, if they are given any other task, they will be unable to do it. This type of machine does only one type of behavior repeatedly. Whose example is Deep Blue chess-playing supercomputer, all these machines can only do the work of playing.


Limited Memory type machines feel once before doing any work and then work. Whatever program codes are there in such machines, they feel before working. An example of this is an automatic car.


We all know that machines cannot have feelings. but something like
Efforts are being made to make a program that machines will also be able to understand the feelings of humans and human society will reach a new level.


No such machine has been made so far, but efforts are on to make such a machine. This type of artificial intelligence will have qualities like emotion, consciousness, soul contemplation. Before doing any work, this machine will think whether the work is wrong or right, that means it will be a super intelligent machine.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of fields
Such as Digital Virtual Assistant such as Google, Alexa and SIRI are the best examples of Artificial Intelligence. Smart assistants such as the bulb lighting up as soon as you enter the room, the fan turning on automatically after clapping your hands.
And also AI Robotics, Voice Search, Google Map, Social media monitoring, Self-driving cars, Gaming, E-Payments, Business, Education, Chatbots, Security and Surveillance etc.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Increase efficiency, reduce human error, reduce training and operation cost, work with high accuracy, work 24/7 and never get tired, make human work easier

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Creating Artificial Intelligence is quite expensive.
Due to the arrival of artificial intelligence, the problem of unemployment is increasing in the country and the world. Human beings are becoming lazy.

Interesting Facts

  • About 77 percent of devices today use some form of AI technology.
  • The growth of AI startups has accelerated 14 times since 2000, the global AI market is booming.
  • It will reach $200 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 36 percent

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