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In today’s technological era, there is no such person who is unaware of the existence and knowledge of computer. Big companies, businesses, and government offices, import-export from country and abroad, accounting and transactions etc. everything has been possible through computers. It is believed that the invention of computer , is a valuable contribution to our electronic development.

History of Computer

The foundation of the first computer was laid by a great mathematician, thinking that even the biggest problems could be solved easily, whose name was Charles Babbage.
Charles Babbage was born on 26 December 1791 in London, he was an English mathematician.

Computer Development

First of all, Charles Babbage developed a new machine in 1822, which was capable of doing differential equations, and named it Difference Engine.

But due to lack of money, he could not make this machine, then he improved it, and he made a new version of it in 1842, and named it Analytical Engine, the specialty of this machine was that whatever program When given input, it used to process it, print its output in a very nice way, and also save it,

But then due to the financial condition not being right, he could not get funding, due to which he could not present this machine to the world, and in the meantime he also died, after the death of Charles Babbage in 1871, his son In 1910, Henry Prevost Babbage built the same machine almost 40 years later, which was the world’s first Analytical Engine mechanical computer.

Which Charles Babbage could not make in his entire lifetime, but because of his idea and theory, his son Henry Prevost Babbage was able to achieve success, due to which Charles Babbage is called Father of Computer.

After him, in 1889, scientist Herman Horritt created a senstabletator computer, which worked on the directions of punch cards, which ran on electricity and the calculation of this machine was so accurate that America’s population calculation was also done with this machine.

Development of Digital Computer

In 1942, John Atanasoft and Clifford Edward Berry built the world’s first electronic computer named ABC after themselves. These vacuum tubes increase the processing power of the computer, 300 vacuum tubes were used to make this computer

1946 JP Akod and John Mauchly made the largest electronic digital computer of that time, named Eniac, this computer was made for the US Department of Defense, at that time World War II was going on and the US Army needed a computer that could To make their work easier, the weight of the Eniac computer was 27 tons, and its height was about two storeys so large that it consumed 150 kilovolts of electricity to run.

Development of General Digital Computer

In 1951, General Electronic Corporation, using 5000 vacuum tubes, made a computer called Univac for the general public, so that people could also use the computer and understand its power.

Development of Super Computer

In 1956, the world’s largest company, IBM, using 6000 vacuum tubes for the American Airforce Defense System, created a supercomputer named Ayes, the supercomputer, due to which the power of the American Defense System was completed. increased in the world, and it became the most powerful country in the whole world.

Need and Importance of Computer

In today’s time, whether it is bank, railway, business, hospital, or any kind of new discovery, computers are being used in every field. Which increases both the ability and skill of the person, due to which the work is also completed correctly and smoothly, in the least time.

Support of Computer in Personal Life

If we talk about today’s digitalized lifestyle, then today it is very easy to make a name and identity in the whole world, like by showing your skills on social media platforms, whether it is dancing, singing, making something or anything else. It has to be said, which can be shown to the whole world by editing from computer or laptop, putting good effects in it, and it can also earn a lot of income, which removes unemployment.

Interesting Fact

  • The credit for bringing the first computer in India goes to Dr. Dwijish Dutta, who brought it to the Indian Institute of Science in Kolkata in 1952, which was an analog computer.
  • The world’s first computer, named Eniac. It was made in the year 1945 in the American city of Philadelphia.
  • The world’s first computer keyboard was invented in 1968.
  • In the year 1990, for the first time, the card game was introduced into the computer. Which people used to play with great enthusiasm
  • Computers from the year 1832 to 1964 did not have keyboard and mouse.
  • The word computer is derived from the English word “Compute”, which means “to calculate”.
  • India’s first super computer named Param Shivay.
  • Usually a person blinks 18 to 20 times in a minute. But when sitting in front of the computer, that person blinks his eyelids only 6 to 7 times.

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