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You must be aware of Pushpak Vimana of Ravana in the Ramayana period. Man has been longing to fly in the sky like birds since the beginning. One of the many discoveries is a wonderful discovery airplane, although the history of airplane is very old.

There were two brothers named Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, who came from a poor family. They didn’t have the money to build an aeroplane. Despite having no technical education and skills, he did not give up. The Wright brothers, influenced by Lilienthal’s experiments and books, decided to invent the aeroplane. After much effort, they made a glider.

Invention of Aeroplane

In the 1900s, the Wright Brothers moved to sandy areas to avoid the rocky mountains. Tried to fly for about 2 years in North Carolina. And had flown about 2000 times, his biggest flight was 600 meters. As time passed, his courage increased and it seemed that success was not far away.

The airplane was invented by the Wright Brothers in 1903 AD. After about 2 years, in 1905, he achieved success with his experiments and in the same year he covered a distance of 24 miles at a speed of 35 miles per hour. In 1908, Wilbur Wright went to France with this fuel engine. And the journalists there made a lot of fun of this engine

Then Wilbur Wright did a feat that no one had even dreamed of, he covered a distance of 52 miles and Wilbur Wright remained in the air for about 90 minutes. Seeing this feat, the French government ordered 30 engines to be made. Given. Also gave 2 lakh cash prizes.

Development of Aeroplane

In the modern era, the airplanes that are flying and the kind of facilities that we are enjoying, the full credit goes to both the brothers Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers used the airfoil method. Airwings were designed using the airfoil method, which is based on Newton’s third law.

Using this technology, these two brothers made wings, with the help of which there is a lot of help in takeoff and landing. Orville Wright did not do his first air flight while sitting, but lying on the center fan of the ship. After this, many changes have been taking place in the airplanes rapidly. And today America’s Huttersfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world,

About 96 million passengers catch their flights from here every year. The longest passenger plane in the world is the Airbus A380, a double-decker plane with four engines. This ship took its first flight on 27 April 2005. In 1986, an airplane named Voyager circled the whole world without landing on the ground.

Invention of Aeroplane | रावण का पुष्पक विमान | Who Invented the Airplane

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