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In today’s era, different types of comfortable and convenient settlements are seen running in many cities. For the first time, bus services started in France in 1823, at that time the bus was driven by horses. Gordon Branz built the first steam-powered bus in 1831, which could carry 30 passengers with a slow ride.

Life became much easier with the creation of the bus, because the bus is the only vehicle that allows people to travel for less money, today the bus is the most popular mode of travel around the world.

First Serviceable Bus

In the year 1895, the first fuel-powered bus service was started on the roads of Germany. Buses are used as a means of public transport, usually a bus can carry ten to fifty passengers. The number of seats in a bus depends on the size of the bus.

The first service named BEST started on 15 July 1926 in the city of Mumbai, India. For the first time, a crowd of people had gathered on the streets to see this bus, in 1937 the first Indian double decker bus was run in Mumbai.

In which about 150 passengers can travel. This service was fiercely opposed by the taxi drivers, even after the protest, by the end of the year BEST bus service carried 6 lakh passengers, after that the number increased to 38 lakh. DTC in Delhi in the 60s At that time the minimum fare of this bus was 5 paise, which has now become Rs 5.

Development of Bus

Now DTC buses have become very advanced. CNG and electric buses run on the roads of Delhi. Special use of buses is being done in express bus service, police bus, school bus, military bus.
In today’s modern era, many types of buses are found such as mini bus, single-decker bus, double-decker bus, trailer bus, open-top bus, multi-axle bus, low-floor bus, high-floor etc. Is.

Today in India, companies like Tata Motor, Ashok Leyland and Mahindra have made bus travel easier by designing according to different needs, in the history of bus, Volvo bus was introduced by Delhi Transport Corporation in 1928, B Ten Alley, Namak Bus But for some reason that bus could not run, and then in 2001, Volvo launched its luxury bus model B7R, which changed the structure of the bus service.
Today we feel the importance of bus in marriage, any private function or any group trip. Today bus service has become easily available in all the cities of the country.

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