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Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, this is the word which has become the first need of the world today. Google has the answer to every question, no matter what language it is, the story of Google started in the year 1995 at Standford University, Larry Page was considering his graduation from Standford University, and there He met Sergey Brin, together they built a search engine,

Which later changed the lives of people, they initially named this search engine as Backrub, the company started in 1998, then the company’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin changed the name of the company from Backrub to Google. His purpose behind this was to collect information from all over the world in one place, which shows 100 zeros.

The company’s first office was in suburban Menlo Park, California. Susan Wojcicki was the company’s director. In September 1997, she received a $100,000 check from Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems, which she used to grow the Google company. was done for

In 1999, Google received its first round of venture capital funding and the company continued to grow rapidly, and in 2000 it moved to a larger office in Mountain View, California. Google’s search engine quickly became popular, and by 2001 it was handling over 50 million searches per day.

Since then Google has emerged as the most powerful and influential company in the world with its services. Google Search, Google Maps, mapping service, Google AdWords, and AdSense advertising platforms. Additionally, Google has also developed its own web browser, Google Chrome, and the mobile operating system Android.

The company continues to expand into new areas, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google earns 1Million US Dollars a day, roughly Rs.6,85,22,50,000. Wali is the biggest company in the world, which has made big business successful.

In 2004, on April Fool’s day, this company launched Gmail, in 2006, this company bought a very special Video Sharing Website Youtube, in 2011, Larry Page became the new CEO of Google, and in 2012 Google nexus 7 tablet was launched. The current CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, who is an Indian, Google has spread not only in India but all over the world.

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