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In today’s time, life cannot be imagined without mobile, it seems that if mobile is there then everything is there. The invention of mobile has changed the way of living of human society. Not only have we connected each other through mediums, but in this world of technology, many other avenues have been opened for humans, which have made people’s lives easier. You can do such things sitting at home only with mobile, which even thinking seemed impossible till some time ago.

Use of Mobile

Mobile is a beautiful medium to communicate no matter where a person is in the world, as well as using mobile to take photos by camera, to find a way through Maps, to transact money through phone wallet and Does it for all things entertainment, music, movies, etc. From opening eyes in the morning till falling asleep at night, people spend most of their time on mobile.

History of Mobile Phones

In the olden times, people used letters to send their messages. Then came the invention of the wireless radio and the telephone. In which the credit for the invention of radio goes to Guglielmo Marconi and the credit for the invention of the telephone goes to Scottish scientist Alexander Graham Bell, who laid the foundation of the new generation and now it was the turn of the invention of the mobile, then the mobile was invented by Martin Cooper on 3 April 1973. . Engineer Martin Cooper joined the Motorola company in 1970. With joining, he started working on wireless and in 1973 i.e. in just 3 years, he did what no one had dreamed of. The Motorola Company and Martin Cooper together produced the first cellular phone. This phone was a keypad phone with an antenna on top. After this, in the year 1983, after bringing many changes in this mobile phone, it was launched in the US market and the weight of this phone was about 1 Kg and along with it a large battery had to be carried on the shoulder. Once charged, that mobile could talk for 30 minutes but it used to take 10 hours to charge it again. In 1973, the cost of this mobile phone was approximately US$ 2700 (Rs 2 lakh).

Zero Generation Mobile Phones

The first mobile phone launched in 1973 was called 0G (Zero Generation) mobile phone, 10 years after the invention of this phone, in the year 1983, the Motorola company launched the mobile for the first time in the market under the name Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. This phone could last for 35 minutes after a single charge. Maximum 30 mobile numbers could be saved in this and at that time its value was kept at 290000 Indian Rupees.

Arrival of Mobile Phone in India

The first mobile phone was launched in the market in the year 1983. But it was only available in the US market. It took 10 to 12 years to come to India. This is about the year 1995 when at that time the company of Indian entrepreneur Bhupendra Kumar Modi ‘Modi Telstra’ started mobile service for the first time in the country and the first mobile call was made from Kolkata to Delhi on the network of this company. Later, the name of this company was changed to ‘Spice Mobiles’.

Modernization of Mobile Phones

In today’s time mainly three types of mobile phones are available in the market which are as follows.

Cell Phone

Cell phones were the earliest mobile phones. They have less advanced features and can be used easily. In these phones mainly calling and sending text messages or saving someone’s mobile number could be the same work. Due to less features, the price of these phones was very low in the market.

Feature Phone

Feature phones are similar in appearance to cell phones but offer some of the features of a smart phone. Apart from making calls and text messages in feature phones, taking photos with the camera, making videos, listening to songs in mobile, running internet and other multimedia functions are available. Their cost is higher than that of cell phones.

Smart Phone

Now the mobile phones that are coming full of all the features are called smartphones. They use new technology. It has advanced operating system which are mainly of four types. Which includes Android, Apple ios, Blackberry and Window based mobile phones. Smartphones provide touch screen facility and have advanced features such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Internet, Wifi connectivity, Hd camera, Gps and so on. Their cost is higher than feature phones.

Interesting Facts

  • Motorola company made the first mobile phone
  • Apple company makes the world’s most expensive phone
  • 70% of mobile phones in the world are made in China
  • Nokia’s model number 1100 is the world’s best selling mobile phone, more than 25 million people bought this model.
  • You will be surprised to know that there are more mobile phones than humans in the world.
  • Most of the people in the world are sick with smartphones
  • Smartphone is also one of the best selling product in the world which is sold the most in the world

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