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In India, inventions have been made by scientists and some great people from time to time which have remained a major part in the lives of us humans. Some inventions have been found around us since our birth, the responsibility of which goes to India only. So friends, let’s start this interesting video.

Number one

usb i.e. universal bus.

This technology is used to transfer data between computer components. Apart from this, we use it in smartphones and some other devices. This technology, used all over the world, was created by an Indian, Ajay Bhatt, in 1996.

Number two.

Everyone knows that Yoga has been given as a gift by India to the whole world. Yoga is an exercise which is being done in India for thousands of years because the cure for every disease occurring in the human body is present in Yoga. This is the reason why this exercise is famous all over the world. Which crores of people do it regularly. Also, 21st June is celebrated as Yoga Day.

Number three

Cater surgery, also known as cataract in Hindi, is a common eye disease. A surgery is done to treat this disease. This surgery was first performed in India in the entire world. The entire credit for inventing this surgery goes to the famous Indian physician of the third century, Susrot. He was the one who discovered the way to perform this surgery.

Number four

Invention of Button: Yes, we are talking about the same button which is considered an important part of all types of dresses. The button was first used in India. Buttons are being used in India since five thousand years ago and are now being used all over the world.

Number Five

Invention You must know that zero was invented by our great mathematician Aryabhata, without which no calculation is possible. This invention has been received as a gift from India to the whole world.

Full Video in Hindi

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