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Story of Honda’s Creation: Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906 in a small village, Shizuoka, in Japan. His father Gee Honda, a blacksmith by profession, was fond of playing with tools from the beginning. He also used to help his father. De Soch did not seem to be an educated person. He dropped out of school from this region at the age of sixteen and one day he saw a vacancy in the newspaper for a job as a mechanic in a tax company and then went to Tokyo. He got a job there but considering his age he was only given less amount of cleaning.

So there he requested the owner of the company to allow him to learn mechanics. Accepting his request, the owner of the company sent Soechoro to his other company. With his dedication and hard work, Soechoro learned the lesson very quickly and emerged as an excellent mechanic. On November 3, 1924, Shokai Company’s car took part in the fifth Japan Car Championship and came first, leaving everyone behind. Soichirohi was the mechanic of this winning car. After the victory, it became Tokyo’s favorite car. Now more branches of the company have opened. The responsibility of one of these branches was given to twenty one year old Sochar.

In 1928, Soicharo left the company in mourning and came to Japan. After a few days, he started making cheap and durable piston rings for big companies. After a few days, he started a company using his earned capital and started working as a mechanic. Contacted big companies to sell the pistons he had made. Soon he got the contract to supply piston rings to Toyota. But meanwhile, he met with an accident during a race and was badly injured and had to stay in the hospital for three months.

In the hospital, he came to know that the quality of the piston made by him did not pass as per the standards. He lost the Toyota contract and his entire life’s savings were lost, but he did not lose everything. And met with honorees from many companies to improve the quality of pistons. During the Second World War in 1944, American b. When we were twenty-nine, their factory was completely burnt down. This incident shocked him but after the war ended, he transferred the remains of his company to the tune of Rs 4 lakh 50 and in October 1946 he opened the Honda Technical Research Institute.

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