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invention of Internet: Now the time has come that no one can imagine life without the Internet in this era. Very few people would know how and who invented the Internet. It was not invented by any one person at one time. It has been developed by many scientists from time to time. Cedar, a resident of America, started this Internet in 1962. In the same year, Likhlider formed an organization named Darpa. In this organization he created a network and named it Intlgtic Network. With this network, he used the American Defense System to connect one computer with many computers, so that their messages could be sent in a fast and secret manner.

In 1974, two scientists named V. Ka changed its name from Internet to Internet. He is also called Father of the Internet. In 1980, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates created his IBM computer and installed the first Internet facility in this computer. In 1983, Vinton created an ID for all computers, which we call IP addresses. With this IP it became easy to access the Internet in all computers.

Invention of the domain name extension nkyajesecom. Ntov. And after this, websites started being created under the name TB in 1990 for computers and browsers and pages started being created from it.

timbral in 1991 which made the website easier to search. In 1998, Google came which revolutionized the Internet world and because of them, social networking changed all lives. In today’s time, life has become incomplete without the internet.

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