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You must have seen Royal enfield bike with side car in Sholay movie. As much as the craze of bullet bike is in India, probably no other bike has such craze, Royal Enfield is the famous bullet manufacturer brand.
Royal Enfield was initially a British company that manufactured Enfield cycles. Which started making motorcycles from 1901, this company used to make bullet bikes for the Russian government to be used in the war. Later it made bikes for Britain,

The beginning of the Royal Enfield company

The Royal Enfield Company started its business as a weapon maker. Which was earlier known as Enfield rifle. It was started in India from 1955, which is headquartered in Chennai. Royal Enfield is one of the oldest bike companies in the world. In 1994, Eicher Group bought this company.

There was a time when Bullet’s one year’s earning was only 2000, but today booking has to be done 6 months in advance to buy Bullet motorcycle in India. Royal Enfield’s logo was a cannon, and its tag line was “Looks like a cannon, shoots like a bullet”.

Development of Royal Enfield

In 1965, the Government of India was considering the selection of a good motor bike for its police and army for border patrolling and other tasks. For this, the Bullet bike was considered the strongest and best, Royal Enfield is the only company whose bike is used by the Indian Army. Royal Enfield launched 650 cc and 700 cc bikes in the 1970s. But due to lack of demand, its construction was stopped later. Royal Enfield’s Bullet 350 is the longest running motorcycle model, in 1990, Enfield India made a diesel powered motorcycle, Whose name was Taurus, unfortunately this motorcycle could not bring much success to the company. That’s why its production had to be stopped in 2002.

The most interesting thing is that the oil tank of every motorcycle of Royal Enfield Company is hand painted by two artists from Chennai. Royal Enfield was the first company in India to use a 4 stroke engine in a motorcycle. Royal Enfield is the first company in India to use disc brakes in two-wheelers. Royal Enfield exports motorcycles to India as well as to the US, Japan, South Africa, Australia and 45 other countries. The number of Harley Davidson bikes sold worldwide. Royal enfield has sold more bikes than that in India. Royal Enfield’s Bullets are famous for their strength, attractiveness, design. If production from UK to India is added, then it is the oldest bike company, which is still in production today.

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