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Think how the world would have been at that time when there was neither REFRIGERATOR nor air conditioner nor any such means, which could control and create your favorite environment or enjoy cold beverages, before the invention of fridge, people used to store any kind of things. used ice houses to keep cool.

This may not be possible everywhere because, such ice houses used to be in some cold place or snowy area, fridge is such an invention in which many engineers have made important contributions, and also made a lot of changes in it, so one should be responsible for this. It would be wrong to say invention, officially.


Beginning of artificial REFRIGERATOR Scottish professor William Cullen made a refrigerating machine in 1755. At that time very few people knew about it, nor was there any special need for it. That’s why this invention could not get much popularity. After william cullen, in 1805, a scientist from America, oliver evans made a new invention.

In which the goods kept in a closed container could be cooled and stored. In the year 1820, another British scientist Michael Faraday made a different type of REFRIGERATOR by changing the high pressure and low temperature with the help of ammonia and other gases, liquid ammonia was used in his invention,

Which used to absorb energy from the food kept in it, and used to keep the food safe. Then in the year 1834, another scientist, Jacob Perkins, made the first fridge running on the Waple Compression Refrigeration System. After this invention, in 1876, Carl von Linde improved the way of making refrigerator.


Nathaniel B. Wells first thought of electric refrigeration, which later became the main basis for the Kelvinator, followed by the invention of a refrigerator with a compressor in 1918 by Alfred Mellowes as a business. Then in 1918 itself, william c durant formed the Freezer Company, where large scale production of REFRIGERATOR started.

In 1918, the Kelvinator company made the first automatic control fridge. After this, the first Absorption refrigerator was invented by Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters of Sweden in 1922, which became a successful refrigerator worldwide. In today’s time, the fridge has become a machine of our daily use in almost everyone’s homes.

And due to which the food items available in our house do not spoil quickly by keeping them in the fridge, and our health is maintained by using them according to the time.

Invention Of Refrigerator | History of Refrigerator

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