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The contribution and work done by Maria Telkas, called the Queen of the Sun, is commendable, she was a respected Hungarian biophysicist and scientific inventor. Who worked on solar energy technology. Google honored Maria Telkas by creating a doodle on her.

He was born on 12 December 1900 in Budapest, Hungary, after completing his early education, he enrolled at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest to study physical chemistry.
graduated with a BA in 1920, and received a PhD in 1924 and moved to the US,

Where the Cleveland Clinic Foundation was employed to study the energy generated by living things. In 1939, he was hired by MIT to be involved in their early solar energy conversion project, Telx received American citizenship in 1937,

And in 1946 Telkes was appointed to the Department of Metallurgy, where he continued his research work on thermocouples. His first invention was in Cleveland, where he developed a photoelectric device that recorded brain waves.

Maria Telkes Early Life

In 1952, Dr. Maria Telkes became the first woman scientist to receive The Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award, she made many inventions related to solar energy and proved her logic right.
During World War II, Dr. Maria Telkes was called upon by the US government to help develop the solar distiller,

Solar distiller makes sea water drinkable. Whose invention saved the lives of thousands of soldiers deployed in the Pacific Theater.

Dr. Maria Telkes made many inventions of human interest, she invented a solar oven which we still use today, received $45,000 from the Ford Foundation to develop a solar powered oven. Dr. Maria also assisted and researched energy at prestigious institutions such as Princeton University, NYU, and the University of Delaware,

Maria Telkes Achievements

He worked as a consultant for several energy companies. He designed the Sun Dover House in collaboration with architect Eleanor Raymond, which became a great success and popularized solar energy. Throughout her life, she was involved in the development of groundbreaking solar inventions.

Telks has received several awards for her inventions, including the Inaugural Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award in 1952 and the Charles Greeley Abbott Award in 1977, American Solar Energy Society, etc. After spending seven decades in America, Telcs returned to his native Hungary for the first time in 1995, and on 2 December 1995, Telcs died at the age of 94.

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