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we have brought for you some of the latest machines in the world of agriculture, which you will be surprised to see, before watching this video, you would think that you have seen all the machines related to agriculture, such as tractor thresher. And don’t know how many types of machines,

After Reading this you will definitely know something new, without delay let me take you to the world of agriculture machines.


Our farmer Brothers grows many types of fruits, but it takes a lot of time and hard work to pluck them after ripening, but now he will not have to do that.

Because virgo is a self-driving robot, which has sensors and cameras that work like eyes, which detects which fruit is ripe and which is unripe, and this machine can pick up the fruit without spoiling it.


Cucumber Harvester, it works to extract cucumbers from the fields, it can be estimated by looking at its work, how much time it would take to extract cucumbers from the fields without it, but this machine does this work in minutes. This machine removes the cucumber leaves and takes only the clean cucumber inside and fills them in the accompanying container.


You must have seen in many fields that the crops are being irrigated automatically, which can give water from one place only, due to which irrigation is not done properly around the field. But this mobile pump is connected to a tractor, which can go to the field to irrigate water, and does not leave any crop without water.


This technology is used to remove the seeds of pumpkin, this machine first collects the pumpkin planted in the field in a line, after that this machine traps it in its barbed roller and sends it to the container above it. , then this candere belt sends these pumpkins to the cursor unit,

Due to which the pumpkin separates its seeds and removes its wastage, this wastage works as a fertilizer in the fields, when the container is full of pumpkin seeds, it is put in another container.


This machine is used to extract tomatoes from the fields, this machine first takes the tomato plant inside itself, then removes all the garbage from the tomato and throws it backwards, and the fresh tomato is running on the side. stored in containers,

By using this machine, tons of tomatoes can be extracted in a pinch, isn’t it amazing machine friends, if you have got even a little bit of knowledge through this Blog, Comment Below

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