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Aryabhatta was born in Patna, Bihar in AD 476, during the time of Emperor Vikramaditya II. His disciple was the famous astronomer, Varaha Mihira. Aryabhatta received education from Nalanda University and was named ‘Aryabhattiya’ at the age of just 23. Wrote a book, due to his fame and acceptance of this book, King Buddhagupta made him the head of Nalanda University,

This book describes many topics such as astronomy, spherical trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra and simple trigonometry, he wrote all his inventions of mathematics and astronomy in the form of verses, this book was translated into Latin in the 13th century,

In the field of astronomy, Aryabhata was the first to infer that the earth is spherical, and that it rotates on its own axis, resulting in day and night, he also concluded that the moon is black, and that it Light shines because of this, he gave logical explanations about the principles of solar and lunar eclipses, he told that, the main reason for eclipses is the shadow created by the Earth and the Moon,

Aryabhata’s contribution in the field of mathematics is unique. He suggested formulas to calculate the areas of triangles and circles, which later proved to be correct. Many people believe that zero was invented by Aryabhata, the famous mathematician and astrologer of India, which is also true to a large extent. , because Aryabhata was the first person who gave the concept of zero

Aryabhata believed that there should be a number that could represent ten as a symbol for the number ten, then in the 6th century gave the theory of zero, Aryabhata, apart from Brahmagupta, another Indian mathematician credited with the invention of zero Sridharcharya invented the operation of zero in India in the 8th century and explained its properties.

Inventions of Aryabhatta | Did Aryabhata invent zero? | in Hindi

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